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I waited in line this chilly morning for the doors to open at out polling place, I was ballot number 19. It was done, my vote was cast. Sorry, America.

Dozens of others were there with me, a man in a camo hat that read “Make America Great Again” paced around in the gravel parking lot, a lady in a t shirt proclaiming “Don’t blame God, you asked him to leave” huddled up to a man in a suit who introduced himself to several others as Brother So and So. There were millenials there and there were traditionalists there and all ages in between; and we were all there to decide our next President.

And some other stuff, too.

As I left, feeling betrayed by the choice I had to make, the line of voters stretched to the road and people parked in nearby lots and on nearby streets and walked to the little white municipal building ringed by campaign signs. One positive thing this camapaign circus managed to do is get people involved and get people voting, some out of excitment at a poltical outsider that promises real change and some out of fear that the other guy will win, but whatever has motivated the masses,I the end result is a good thing.

My early predictions are Trump will win the popular vote and win Texas and the South, but Hillary will clench the electoral votes and the presidency. Congress will remain majority Republican and we will have 4 more years of political stalemates and the South threatening to secede.

Get out and vote today. Make your voice heard although I can’t promise you’ll feel very good about it.

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