Trump trumps Clinton

Well, I was wrong, mostly. I said the popular vote would go to Trump, along with the South, but I just didn’t see him winning the electoral college. And other than my guess on him winning the South (an admittedly easy call), I had it completely backwards and here we are on this cool November morning with a President-elect Trump.

My co-workers are overjoyed as are nearly half of my Facebook friends, but me? Not so much. From my perspective as an atheist and secular humanist, Trump is a horrible choice. He is pro-life, anti-vax and anti-science, he is a climate change denier with millions invested in the “Standing Rock Pipeline”, he is opposed to marriage equality and has an openly evangelical VP. I disagree with his stance on less points than I agree and, at the end of the day, I just flat out don’t trust him.

I’ve seen several friends this morning questioning how he got elected. My opinion is that he is a sign of the times, a sign that Americans are tired of corrupt establishment candidates like Clinton. Her policies were better, she was the more experienced and more intelligent of the two, she even appeared more presidential, but damn she had a lot of skeletons in her closet. Why Dems? Why couldn’t you make a better choice? Please tell me you are ready to put the Clintons out to pasture and find another young, dynamic candidate like Barack was 8 years ago! Please tell me you are looking for more of these centerists future candidates and less far leftists, we won’t defeat political extremism with political extremism.

So, let’s just hope the next four years aren’t as bad as we know they can be. But on the bright side, at least the late night talk show hosts will have plenty of material to work with.

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