I’m Shawn, I’m just an average guy living deep within the Bible Belt of the Southern United States. Well, nearly average. You see I happen to also be an atheist and secular humanist and my lack of belief in a deity makes me a bit of a novelty here where there are churches on every corner.

Since there aren’t too many of us here in Alabama so I started this blog as a way to connect to other atheists, tell my story, dispell some negative stereotypes and promote atheism as a positive secular philosophy.

In an effort to unite those who share my vision, I admin the Facebook group for The Birmingham Association of Secular Humanists. We are always looking for atheist and atheist friendly members, regardless of where you live.

Please feel free to email me or look me up on Facebook or Tumblr, my info is on the Contact Me page. Check out the blogs I follow for more great content and don’t forget to subscribe to get notifications whenever I post!